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Alpine Ant & Termite Foam

Alpine Ant & Termite Foam
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ALPINE ANT AND TERMITE FOAM - Alpine Ant and Termite Foam features the active ingredient dinotefuran which the EPA has granted a “reduced risk” designation which means, effective pest control with a safer active ingredient. Alpine is a non-repellent product that is un-detectable to insects and has a transfer effect allowing the insecticide to spread throughout a colony to kill even the pests you don't see!  With Alpine Foam you can treat subterranean and drywood termites, including termite swarm sites and localized termite infestations in wall voids and other areas.  It can also be used to treat ant infestations, powderpost beetles, Asian lady bugs, boxelder bugs and more.  Alpine Foam expands at a rate of 30:1 with 1 ounce of product producing approx 1 quart of foam.  Packaged in 20 oz cans.  Read and follow all labeling directions.  Equipment needed for proper application: None, Formulation: Foam, Chemical Class: Neonicotinoids, Active Ingredient: 0.025% Dinotefuran

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