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Argentine Ant


Argentine Ant – Linepithema humile (Mayr).   Workers are about one-eighth inch long and are all the same size in the colony.  Dark brown in color with a single node that is pointed.  Colonies may have many queens making them difficult to control.  Outdoors nests are found under shallow nests in moist areas, including under boards and stones, beneath plants and along sidewalks.  The can establish well defined trails which can be very wide with multiple lanes of workers going both ways.  They are very aggressive to other ants in their territory and may eliminate all other ant species where they are found.  Argentine ants prefer sweets such as honeydew, fruit juices and plant nectars.  Elimination of food, water and nesting sites is critical for long term control.  Vegetation should be trimmed away from touching structures as these are used to gain entry.