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Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station

Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station
Price: $179.95

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Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station- The Antopia R2 Ant Bait station contains many patented features unique to the Antopia station.  In addition to being a weather tolerant, large quantity bait station dispenser, the Antopia R2 contains a heavy duty green cover which protects the internal reservoir from weed whackers and also protects the bait from UV light.  The patented green cover on the Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station allows the user to check bait levels without removing it, and it also blends in with any garden or yard application. The Antopia R2 Ant Bait Station uses Feeding Float Technology (FFT) which makes it easier for ants to access the bait and ensures they exit the station safely to bring the bait back to the colony. Antopia R2 is designed to hold 7 ounces of liquid, gel or granular bait in a spill-resistant configuration. However, if spill resistance is not a concern, Antopia R2 will hold up to 14 ounces of bait. Packaged in 12 units per case.


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