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Backpack Sprayers

Backpack Sprayers – Backpack sprayers come in varying sizes from 3 gallons to 5 gallons.  They are designed to spray larger quantities of liquid sprays for such applications as exterior perimeter treatments around the base of buildings, treatment of landscaped areas and plantings and other applications where more than one gallon of product is required.  Backpack sprayers are typically manually operated by the applicator.  Good backpack sprayers have the feature of the pump handle being able to be mounted on either side of the sprayer for left or right handed applicators.  They are not agitated easily, so products that need to be agitated regularly or constantly may clog the spray wand and nozzle.  Do not leave any mixed chemical in the sprayer overnight, as some products are not effective if they sit for long periods of time, and some may affect the seals and materials of the sprayer itself, causing the sprayer to malfunction.  Wash the sprayer out with liquid detergent and hot water to clean the sprayer of chemical residue.  Read and follow all pesticide labeling.