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Carpenter Ant Baits

Carpenter Ant Baits – Carpenter ant bait comes in granular or gel form.  The gel is desirable because the ants cannot discard the gel bait when they get it back to the colony.  The granular baits can.  However, the granular baits are still very effective if they are consumed by the carpenter ants.  Carpenter ants large ants that are active mostly at night; however, some of the workers can be seen periodically during the day.  A couple of hours after dark is the best time to look for carpenter ant activity which may lead to finding the nests.  The main colony is usually outdoors, but satellite colonies can be found anywhere they find suitable conditions to raise the brood of the colony.  These satellite colonies are very dynamic in their movements with the ability to move to another location easily and quickly.  If you are doing renovation work in a building and you encounter a carpenter ant colony, don’t call the exterminator to come and take care of the nest.  It will have moved from the area before they arrive.  It is best to take an approved insecticide and immediately treat the nest when it is discovered.  Please read and follow all pesticide labeling.