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Cockroach Gel Baits

Cockroach Gel Baits – Roach gel baits are very effective in most instances against roaches such as the German cockroach.  Gel baits compete well against other available food sources, but proper sanitation will ensure that the roaches will feed on the bait as they have no other choice.  Placing a lot of small bait placements is much more effective than putting out just a few large bait placements.  In the kitchen, you should place a small amount of bait (about the size of a large drop of water) at each hinge on each door of each cabinet, at each corner of each drawer, and at the front and back corners of each shelf.  Place a drop of bait at each corner on the backs and bottoms of countertop appliances, the door hinges of the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and microwave.  Some people apply these gels like they were “caulk”, filling entire cracks with a line of bait.  This is a waste of a lot of bait.  Some populations of roaches exhibit a “bait aversion” to some of the baits.  If you do not see the baits being consumed, you will need to switch to another bait.  Please read and follow all pesticide labeling.