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Feral Dogs and Cats

Wildlife & Birds
Feral Cats

Feral Dogs and Cats.  When domesticated dogs and cats escape their owners and live on their own without the need to rely on humans for survival, they are considered “feral”.  These animals go to great lengths to not interact with humans and can actually pose a threat to people who approach too close or try to catch them.  They will reproduce, with their offspring also becoming feral.  Large groups of feral animals can become quite destructive to other populations of animals.  Feral cats can become quite a serious threat to native bird populations by feeding on bird eggs, baby birds in the nests and catching adult birds.  Feral dog packs will kill domestic dogs and cats, poultry and other small animals that they can catch, as well as attack the occasional human.  If they attack a small child, they can actually kill them.  Trapping by qualified people is the most effective way to control these animals.