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German Cockroach

German Cockroach Adults, Nymphs, and Egg Case (Ootheca)

German cockroach – Blattella germanica (Linnaeus). Adults are about ½ inch long, light brown in color and have two stripes running lengthwise on the pronotum just behind the head.  Immatures (nymphs) have a light colored area on their back.  This is a true Commensal roach as they are only found infesting structures.  They can occur in large numbers of hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands in buildings.  Being nocturnal, they are active at night when other activity is typically low.  They are known to carry bacteria that cause food poisoning.  They are also known to be one of the greatest causes of asthma like symptoms in children.  If you are seeing German cockroaches in areas of the home other than the kitchen and bathrooms, or you are seeing alot of them during the daytime, these may be indications of a very large and serious infestation.  Larger populations require more time and effort to bring them under control.  Elimination of food, water and shelter is key to the successful management of German roach infestations.