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Hand Bellows Duster

Hand Bellows Duster – The hand bellows duster is an excellent piece of application equipment for applying dust formulations.  When using to apply dusts, the tube from which the dust is applied should be at the “top” of the duster.  In other words, your thumb is on the opposite end of the duster from where you fill it, and your other fingers are on the fill opening end.  When you use the duster, your thumb will be higher than your fingers.  If you use it the wrong side up, you will apply too much dust.  DO NOT put the duster into electrical outlets, power strips, panel boxes, or any other item that handles electricity unless the hand bellows duster has an insulated tip.  If it does not have such a tip, and the metal duster comes into contact with electrical lines, it will deliver an electrical shock that prove harmful or fatal.  It can also be modified to apply granular baits.  If you are using it to apply granular baits, you use it in the opposite position.  If your baits clog the tip, you will need to cut a little of the tip off with a hack saw.  There is a small rod at the opposite end of the application tube.  The rod can be unscrewed and used to unclog the opposite end.  Do not lose this rod, because if you do, the duster will not work correctly.  A good idea is to buy a small rubber O-ring that will fit snugly past the threads of the rod and when the rod is replaced, it will make an airtight seal and will keep enough pressure to keep this rod from unscrewing on its own and being lost.  Read and follow all pesticide labeling.