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Honey Bees

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Honey Bee Worker

Honey Bees – Apis mellifera.  Honey bees are important pollinators of plants including some crops used for both animal and human consumption.  Honey, pollen and bees wax are all products produced by bees that are used by humans.  Living in social groups called “colonies” and usually in a void called a “hive”, mature colonies of bees may number in the thousands of individuals.  Colonies consist of one “queen” bee, occasionally a few hundred males or “drones” (who do nothing for the colony) and thousands of sterile females who are the “workers” who provide the food and protection for the entire colony.  Africanized honey bees are a strain of bees that are highly irritable and quickly agitated into stinging in large numbers.  Stings from bees can be highly dangerous if the stings are numerous and/or the person is allergic to insect stings.