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Pantry Pests
Indianmeal Moth Adult

Indianmeal Moth – Plodia interpunctella (Hubner).  The Indianmeal moth is the most common moth found infesting food items in the home.  It is able to feed on a wide variety of items such as cereal, dog and cat food, potpourri, corn meal, chocolate, dried fruit, etc.  Mistaken for clothes moths frequently, the moth has a copper color to the last half of the wings where clothes moths do not.  It is typically found resting on walls with the tips of the wings touching the surface of the wall and the head being held off the surface.  Infested food items will have a web-like material on the surface of the food which is spun by the larvae.  When ready to pupate into the adult moth, these larvae leave the food item, crawl upwards toward an area with light, spin a cocoon which is typically found at the wall and ceiling junction.  Getting rid of all infested food items is critical to control.