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Liquid Ant Baits

Liquid Ant Baits – Liquid ant baits are some of the most effective ant baits available.  They have the advantage of ants not being able to discard them when taken back to the nest like granular baits can.  Once worker ants feed on the liquid baits, they begin to share the product with other members of the colony so the bait is spread throughout the colony quickly.  The baits have a delayed action to allow this process to take place.  The more ants that feed on the liquid bait, the better and the faster control can be achieved.  It does take some time before all the members of the colony may be controlled.  At least two weeks should be allowed to pass before results can be expected.  Placing a small amount of bait in a few spots next to ant trails is more reliable as opposed to one large spot of bait.  Do not put bait on surfaces that you do not want ants on.  Don’t be concerned about large trail of ants if they are going to the bait.  That is the reason you put out the baits, to have as many ants as possible feeding on the baits.  Please read and follow all pesticide labeling.