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Liquid Flea Sprays

Liquid Flea Sprays – Liquid flea sprays are applied with hand-held sprayers to the interior of buildings.  Mixing the product correctly and spraying all the appropriate areas is essential to effective flea control.  The critical things to remember are; 1. Pick up as many items from the floor, under the beds, in the bottoms of closets to make as much floor space available for treatment, 2. Treat all of the floor area and upholstered furniture, 3. Have all the pets out of the building during the treatment and have them treated at the same time as the building, 4. Vacuum the entire floor area and upholstered furniture at least once a day, every day, for at least one week, and 5. If you are still seeing fleas jumping on people at the end of one week, continue vacuuming for at least one more week.  Please read and follow all pesticide labeling.