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Premise 75 Insecticide

Premise 75 Insecticide
Price: $129.95

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PREMISE 75 – Premise 75 provides professional-grade, long-lasting and effective control for wood destroying insects.  Premise 75 can be used to do an in-ground perimeter treatment around a home's foundation to prevent termite infestation or for treating localized areas of known subterranean termite activity.  It is also excellent for controlling drywood and dampwood termites, borers and other wood-infesting insects in and around basements, attics, crawl spaces, and voids.  Premise 75 works differently from other termiticide products that are designed to simply repel or keep termites away from the treated soil area without killing them.  Premise is a non-repellent termiticide, meaning that termites do not detect the product as they move through the soil that has been treated with Premise.  They pick up the molecules of the product on their bodies and then transfer it to other termites, eventually killing the entire colony.  Packaged in a bag which contains 4 water soluble packets.  Each packet makes 25 gallons of spray.  Read and follow all labeling directions.  Equipment needed for proper application: Hand held sprayer, Formulation: Water Soluble Packets, Chemical Class: Neonicotinoids, Active Ingredient: 75% Imidacloprid

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