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Rodent Baits

Rodent Baits – Rodent baits should always be placed in tamper-resistant rodent bait stations, and these stations should always be placed in areas inaccessible to kids, pets and non-target animals.  If the bait needs to be used outdoors, the stations should be anchored to the ground or a large weight such as a patio stone, to make the stations difficult to move.  If you use baits inside buildings, you should be aware of the chance that a rodent is likely to die inside and create an odor problem because it is an urban myth that rodent baits will cause the rodents to leave the building to look for water before dying.  If it is a large rodent such as a rat, the smell can become very offensive, and the dead rodent may not be easily found and removed.  In this case, covering the odor with another, more pleasant smell is the only choice until the smell dissipates, unless you are willing to start opening up wall voids to remove the rodent.  Trapping is the recommended method of control if you have a problem inside.  Please read and follow all pesticide labeling.