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Wildlife & Birds

Snakes – Snakes are legless reptiles that are found in habitats both rural, urban and even metropolitan areas.  Snakes are divided into venomous and non-venomous groups.  Luckily there are many more species of non-venomous snakes than ones that are venomous.  They are cold-bloodied, meaning their inside body temperature is greatly influenced by the outside air temperature.  The warmer their bodies, the more active they become.  On cooler days, especially in the morning, snakes tend to “sun” themselves, warming their bodies, aiding in digestion of food items and allowing them to move more quickly when needed.  Snakes enter structure usually because they detect the presence of food items, especially rats and mice.  Only qualified persons should handle snakes in case they are venomous.  Exclusion repairs to prevent entry of these animals will also aid in keeping snakes out.