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SPIDERS - General Information

Spiders & Scorpions
Black Widow Spider Female

Spiders - Class: Arachnida, Order: Arananea  Spiders are arthropods that have two body regions, the cephalothorax and abdomen, and have eight legs.  There are apporximately 40,000 know species of spiders worldwide.  Most all spiders are beneficial due to the fact that their major food item are insects, so they help keep insect populations in check.  However, a vast majority of people are uncomfortable with spiders being around them.  Only a few spiders are important from a human suffering standpoint such as the black widow and brown recluse spider.  Pest management of spiders concentrates on the elimination or reduction of the conditions that cause spiders to be present.  Turning off exterior lights on buildings that remain on at night will have a huge impact on the number of spiders found in and around a structure.  These lights attract large numbers of insects which the spiders are attracted to for food.  Reducing the numbers of insects in a building will also reduce the number of spiders inside.