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Wildlife & Birds
Gray Squirrel

Squirrels – Order Rodentia.  The gray squirrel is the most common species found in the Southeast United States.  It inhabits both rural and urban areas.  Some color variations appear but most are very similar in appearance.  They can be quite numerous in some areas due to the over abundance of food and shelter.  In these cases, they can pose quite a nuisance to people by raiding bird feeders, pet food bowls and gnawing on structures to gain entry to live especially into attics and eaves.

Tree SquirrelTree Squirrels –  Tree squirrels are common throughout the United States and can be found in both rural and urban areas.  Gray squirrels, fox squirrels and red squirrels are the commonest squirrels but the color variations are numerous even within the same species.  Squirrels typically feed on nuts and seeds and can be a serious invader of bird feeders where they tend to rake the unwanted seeds onto the ground looking for the desired sunflower seeds.  They make nests of leaves in the forks of tree limbs high in trees but may also make nests in attics and crawlspaces of structures.  When they invade these areas, trapping is typically needed to remove the squirrels and then exclusion repairs to keep them from returning are necessary.


Flying SquirrelFlying Squirrels – Flying squirrels are smaller squirrels than tree squirrels and are very seldom found on the ground as are tree squirrels.  Flying squirrels are named for their ability to “glide” from tree to tree because of the fold of loose skin that runs from the front legs to the back legs on each side of the body which acts as a “sail” when the feet are spread out as they jump from a tree.  They feed on nuts, fungi, fruits and bird eggs.  They are nocturnal being only active at night.  They will invade structures, usually the attic where they will nest and raise their young.  Trapping and exclusion repairs are necessary to remove these animals from structures.