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Termite Liquid Sprays

Termite Liquids – Liquids used to control termites are called termiticides.  Termiticides can be labeled for use in the soil, on the wood in buildings or both.  Products used to control termites by applying them to the soil, are divided into two groups; 1. The repellents and 2. The non-repellants.  The repellents are those products that are detected by the termites in the soil causing the termites to not tunnel through the soil containing the product.  The non-repellants are not detected by the termites, allowing the termites to tunnel through the soil containing the product where the termites pick up the product on their bodies that is then spread throughout the termite colony through contact and grooming activities.  The techniques and methods for applying termiticides in the soil are based on the construction of the building being treated.  So a clear understanding of the construction of the building is essential.  These treatments are best left to Pest Management Professionals.  It also takes specialized equipment to properly treat for termites.  Some states, such as Georgia actually have minimum treatment standards that Pest Management companies must adhere to.  There is an excellent Termite Training Manual that is used in the Pest Management industry that shows how to treat a building for termites using soil applied termiticides.  Read and follow all pesticide labeling.