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Victor Wooden Rat Snap Trap

Victor Wooden Rat Snap Trap
Price: $24.95

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VICTOR WOODEN RAT SNAP TRAP - This is the “old reliable” trap that everyone knows, but few love.  If you have ever tried to set this trap, you have gained a new appreciation for keeping your fingers out of the way.  It will easily break a finger, especially the small fingers of children.  It is important that these traps be used in areas where children and pets will not encounter them.  This trap features a trigger that will hold bait in place.  The trap should be placed along walls so that when the trap is sprung, the wire snaps toward the wall.  Rats are typically shy of anything new in their environment, so they may not go near the trap for a few days.  Place one trap every 15 – 20 feet along walls where rats are present.  Please read and follow all labeling directions.  Equipment needed for proper application: None 

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