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Wasp & Hornet Aerosols

Wasp and Hornet Aerosols – These aerosols tend to be high pressure aerosols, capable or spraying out more than 15 feet in distance.  They also have very short application times when compared to other aerosols.  One can of wasp and hornet spray will usually have no more than half a minute of total application time.  So, you may need more than one can on hand when treating a large nest such as those of the bald-faced hornet.  These aerosols are designed to be used outside.  They will make a real mess if used inside.  They deliver a large amount of product to one area because of their high pressures.  Be careful of the surface behind the nest to be treated.  If the nest is under the eaves of a home, the products will drip down the wall of the building or run out to the edge of the eave and drop on you as you treat the nest.  Read and follow all pesticide labeling.