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Wood-Boring Beetles

Wood Destroying Organisms
Old House Borer Adult

Wood-Boring Beetles - Class: Insecta, Order: Coleoptera  Wood-boring beetles include such beetles as the powderpost beetles, flat-headed wood borers and round-headed wood borers.  Although not as common or as damaging to structures as termites, these beetles have the ability to seriously damage wood in some instances.  Some of these beetles can reinfest the wood used to build structures and furniture and in this case, damage done can become substantial.  Some cannot reinfest but can damage the wood that they are already infesting to a point where the wood loses its structural soundness.  Controlling the moisture of the wood or in the area where the beetles are found, may help control the infestation.  However, other methods of control are usually needed to ensure the elimination of the beetle larvae, which is the life stage that is doing most of the damage.  Direct liquid wood treatments and whole structure fumigations are probably the most common methods of controlling wood-boring beetles.  Replacement of the infested wood is also recommended if it can be easily done.

Powderpost Beetles – Order Coleoptera.  Some beetles are known to cause damage to structures in some areas of the United States.  They can damage both hardwoods and softwoods such as floor joists in crawlspaces, hardwood floors, picture frames, wooden tool handles, etc.  The damage is done by the immature stage of the beetles and not the adults themselves, even though the adults are the ones that make the “exit” holes which is the first visible signs of an infestation.  There are three groups of beetles that make up the category of Powderpost beetles, the Lyctids, the Bosctrichids and the Anobiids.

Old House Borer – Family Cerambycidae.  This beetle is one of the very few that can reinfest  dry, seasoned wood that is used to build structures.  The immature stages may take from 3 to 12 years to complete development inside the wood and owing to the fact that this is the stage that damages the wood, a lot of damage can occur over this period of time.